Coolnomix – Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally

Coolnomix - Reducing carbon emissions locally and globally
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Coolnomix is a fast fit, low cost, high impact intelligent thermostat for Air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Coolnomix, is our unique, globally patented, affordable Optimized Refrigerant Supply technology that is already in use reducing energy consumption across air conditioning and refrigeration systems across the UK. We have significant interest and traction from the FM sector and the likes of Sodexo and Bouygues are actively rolling the technology out at clients like Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, NHS and many more. I have attached both product brochures for your perusal. In most air-conditioning applications, a lot of energy is wasted because the units compressor (the main running cost component) runs much longer than is needed. Using our patented process called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) the advanced COOLNOMIX control device reduces the run-time of the cooling system compressor, therefore, reducing electricity consumption even in the most demanding of environments.

The COOLNOMIX ORS technology uses two temperature sensors in an algorithmic energy trading control arrangement to monitor the room or space temperature and the operation of the connected air-conditioning or refrigeration system.

In operation, this algorithmic energy trading approach first uses the main control system’s room or space temperature sensor to confirm that the required setpoint has been achieved.

The ORS room/space temperature sensor works in conjunction with the output signal from the main control systemâs room or space temperature sensor to maintain the set point, whilst the second ORS® temperature sensor, connected to the indoor evaporator coil, optimises the run time of the compressor.

This second ORS temperature sensor optimises the run time of the compressor through its connection to the indoor evaporator coil identifying when the compressor has done its useful hydraulic work in producing a supply of high-pressure liquid refrigerant. Using the built-in algorithmic energy trading control, the COOLNOMIX® ORS® advanced system then starts and stops the compressor at appropriate times to optimise running time and hence reduce costs and carbon.


  • Does not affect the air-conditioning unit as it is installed inline with the thermostat and provides optimised temperature with energy control.
  • Responds dynamically to any change in heat load optimisation of the running time of the compressor to minimise energy consumption.
  • Outstanding energy savings, even on the largest and most modern inverter-based cooling technologies
  • A rapid return on investment, paybacks are typically within 12 months
  • Reduced carbon emissions to assist in the road to Net Zero Carbon credentials.

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