Propelair Toilet – Propelair saves water, energy and money – and eliminates more germs than standard toilets.

Propelair Toilet - Eliminates more germs than standard toilets.
Home Innovation Partners Propelair Toilet – Eliminates more germs than standard toilets.

Propelair is a commercial toilet that uses only 1.5 litres of water per flush, a fraction compared to the UK average of 9 litres.

Toilet flushing can account for up to 48% of water consumption in commercial buildings. Changing your toilets to a more efficient technology can really pay dividends when seeking to save water and energy.

Average flush volumes can be significantly higher than their cistern capacity due to double flushing, leakages and filling while still flushing.

Propelair thereby reduces water consumption by over 80%, and by extension, also reduces your carbon footprint (less water to be pumped in and out of the building) and ultimately, reduces water and sewage bills so much that it pays for itself within 1-3 years.

In addition, Propelair reduces aerosolised germs by up to 95%. This is more than what standard toilets can achieve. The germs are trapped inside Propelair’s unique closable lid, and then efficiently removed with its powerful air flush, creating a more hygienic and healthier washroom environment for users.

Plus, conventional toilets can leave 6% of previous users’ contaminants behind after flushing, which can become airborne during frequent flushes. Propelair removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, ensuring less risk of cross-contamination.

Propelair reduces water use by 84%; energy by 80% and water and sewage bills by up to 60%. All this can be measured and calculated at each client site, so we can give them a bespoke cost-benefit analysis that calculates their payback time. We also have the highest BREEAM rating.


  • BREEAM credits
  • Carbon saving
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Indoor environmental quality and cleaner air: eliminates bacteria spreading around the washroom when flushing (95% fewer washroom germs);
  • Water efficiency: cuts back unnecessary water use by up to 84%;
  • Carbon reduction: Less water needs pumping from the plant;
  • Indoor environment improvement
  • Resource efficiency
  • Supports ESG
  • Water saving
  • Energy reduction: The toilet operates on a 24V battery with a 220-2240 V mains battery;
  • Noise: Propelair is quieter than a standard toilet;
  • Innovative: durable design for office environments; tested for 200,000 flush cycles without breakdown

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