Prism offsite manufacturing

We look for a better way in everything we do.

Through new technology and innovation, we create better, safer, and more sustainable buildings to enhance lives. We’re always seeking innovative solutions to address customer needs and adapt to a changing world.

For us, innovation is more than the application of new technology, but also the exploration of better systems, processes, and business models.

Modular offsite manufacturing helps us create more sustainable buildings

Building better

We’re dedicated to advancing construction through innovation. This ensures future buildings are more efficient, cost-effective, and safer.

This commitment includes expanding our offsite construction solutions, notably our Coventry-based Prism facility, which produced around 3,000 modules in 2022, saving 200,000 on-site work hours.

Our dedicated Technical Excellence Centre unites 75 experts from various departments to enhance building performance for our customers.

Best sustainability supplier of the year

Embedding innovation

We aim to embed innovation across all areas of our business and are developing an optimised construction strategy to promote modern methods of construction across Wates and our supply chain.

Our bespoke design solution for schools, Adapt 3.0, allows us to offer standardised offsite manufacturing to build schools quicker and more safely, delivering value for money in a sector where efficiency is essential.

Our ‘Adapt-Zero’ approach is designed to deliver net zero operational carbon in schools, and is being used in the north west, to build the first net zero schools in England as part of the Government’s £10bn Schools Rebuilding Programme.

Where's the next big thing in green tech coming from as we aim for net zero operations?

A net zero future

We’re innovating to help our customers cut carbon emissions towards a net zero carbon future.

The Wates Innovation Network (WIN) portal provides access to cutting-edge sustainability technologies for buildings. WIN connects our customers with innovative start-ups addressing specific sustainability challenges, enabling collaborations that help them meet their net zero goals.

Lloyds Banking Group has discovered 20 emission-reduction solutions through this portal, with nine currently being tested across their extensive building network.

Working closely with the NHS to decarbonise the UKs ageing hospitals and clinics

Driven by data

We have expanded our in-house data team to harness the power of better data for improved decision-making. Advanced data platform technology enables us to address business challenges more effectively, benefiting our customers.

Data plays a pivotal role in boosting energy efficiency, especially for our public sector clients. We’re tracking energy consumption and carbon emissions in one of our school building projects, offering valuable insights for the Department for Education to help it identify retrofitting opportunities across its vast estate of 24,000 buildings.

We’re part of the Decarbonising Healthcare Estates Partnership, employing data to determine which NHS primary care facilities can undergo retrofitting for enhanced energy efficiency.


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