Land Promotion and Investment

Wates developments - Walburton, West Sussex

One of the largest and most experienced land promotion businesses in the sector.

We specialise in private land promotion and delivering valuable planning consents throughout the south of England, the west, and the Midlands. Our success in delivering consents is industry leading at 98% since 2005.

We constantly seek to secure new opportunities in both greenfield and brownfield sites in sustainable locations with potential for development.


Boosting housing supply is fundamental to the wellbeing of communities everywhere. Our approach in engaging with the community and wider stakeholders has led to year after year of success.


Investment in business is key to driving economic growth. We continue to build our commercial land portfolio and bring forward sustainable places where businesses want to be.

How we work

Our ability to achieve valuable permissions on complex sites remains our fundamental proposition. Here’s what to expect when working with us:

  • Collaboration: Successful relationships are key to our success. We’re passionate about development in collaboration with others including investors, partners and local planning authorities.
  • Engagement: We effectively undertake detailed consultations and engagement with local communities and stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: Our understanding of the market and deep knowledge of the overall process has repeatedly resulted in successful outcomes for a wide range of land opportunities.
  • Sustainable placemaking: We believe it is critical that the places we create are sustainable for people and the planet in the long-term. We work with stakeholders closely to make sure both local communities and nature will benefit in the plans we develop.

Bringing your vision to life

Our deep-rooted understanding of our markets is matched by the depth and capability of our teams, now 45 strong, making us one of the biggest promoters in the sector.

We appreciate the need to deliver sustainable solutions that add value to schemes and make consents more deliverable. We hold years of experience in creating land sale packages and are expert in negotiations to ensure land transactions are made at a premium in all market conditions.

We are committed to doing what we say we will do, with trust and integrity. We pride ourselves on maintaining the values of the Wates Group and being truly collaborative with our partners.

Unlocking commercial land potential

Our specialised team excels in procuring sustainable commercial land suitable for logistics and retail warehousing.

We focus on strategic locations to develop sustainable spaces that businesses require to optimise their operations. Our dedicated experts navigate the planning system, securing necessary allocations and consents, ultimately unlocking value for landowners through successful sales.

With a complete understanding of the commercial sector, we identify prime land opportunities tailored to the needs of distribution and retail businesses. We guide projects through the planning process, ensuring market-facing approvals are achieved to meet the latest sector needs.

Our goal is to empower landowners by realising the full potential of their asset through strategic land sales.

Our values

We’re a fourth-generation family business established 1897, grounded by our core values like integrity and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our heritage grants us financial independence, eliminating the need for external funding when acquiring land. This autonomy allows us to adapt with flexibility, meeting the unique needs of individual landowners.

Our deep-seated passion for the land sector stems from a fundamental belief that quality housing and business space and a robust economy are essential pillars of a cohesive society. We’re dedicated to ensuring these kinds of quality spaces achieve planning, so they too can help foster community well-being and prosperity.

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