Powerstar Voltage Regulation – Improve your incoming power to reduce consumption, costs, and CO2.

Powerstar Voltage Regulation
Home Innovation Partners Powerstar Voltage Regulation – Improve your incoming power to reduce consumption, costs, and CO2.

Powerstar’s range of voltage regulation technologies monitors and condition incoming power to your site, delivering optimal voltage to your equipment and increasing energy efficiency significantly.

Voltage regulation, sometimes referred to as voltage optimisation, ensures that the electrical equipment on your site is supplied with consistent, reliable levels of voltage that matches their design specifications, rather than the sometimes fluctuating voltage levels from the national grid. As well as reducing wasted energy, this also helps to prolong the lifespan of equipment and protects them from potential damage caused by sudden spikes or surges in voltage

Voltage regulation offers a number of cost-saving benefits, reducing overall energy consumption as well as lower running and maintenance costs. Better energy efficiency also has a positive impact on your sustainability efforts, reducing the total amount of electricity consumed by your operations.


  • Lower Your Carbon Emissions – Lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your business’s green credentials and helping you towards your Net-Zero target
  • Waste Less Energy – Using less energy means lower electricity bills saving your business money. A typical business could save thousands of pounds every year.
  • Improved Power Quality – Better power quality means less wear and tear and maintenance costs for your electrical equipment potentially significantly prolonging it’s life.
  • Smart Energy Management Systems – Monitor your energy savings to see just how much you are saving. – All Powerstar Voltage Optimisation systems are fitted with Remote Monitoring Capability


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