Etopia – Revolutionising sustainable building, without compromise.

Etopia - Revolutionising sustainable building, without compromise.
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Etopia - Revolutionising sustainable building, without compromise.

We design, manufacture, deliver and install a high-performance panellised build system.

Our load-bearing SIP system enables developers, housing associations and local authorities to build low-carbon, sustainable housing that exceeds the Interim Part L and The Future Home Standard for 2025.

Our build system is a modern method of construction (MMC) precision system comprising insulated wall panels fabricated in the UK. The flexibility of our system allows any house type to be designed, supplied, and installed. All the panels are 185mm thick, faced with a 12mm cement bonded particle board (CBPB) and have a metal profiled perimeter to enable panel-to-panel connections.

The panels are filled with 160mm PU foam insulation that bonds the entire panel together and gives it its high structural strength, airtightness and low U-value of 0.14w/sqm. Window and door openings have specific lintel and base panels. Wide-span lintels comprise a 160mm wide glulam beam faced with 12mm CBPB.


  • Health and Safety – Modular construction provides safer working conditions. The factory-based conditions of offsite enable safety requirements to be more easily met and policed, which leads to better build quality through improved quality control procedures. Not only is there a reduced risk of slips, trips, and falls – particularly as work at height is reduced – but there is also a reduction in onsite activity, thus ensuring health and safety always remains a top priority from start to finish
  • Reduced waste – Fully manufactured elevations means that there is no site waste in the Etopia delivery. The impact on the local environment is also reduced, as there is less noise, packaging, and emissions. These matters will have been addressed and resolved in the factory, which allows for greater efficiencies in environmental control measures and materials. 
  • Increased quality – The majority of the manufacturing process is carried out offsite using specialist machinery in a quality-controlled factory environment, which in turn, reduces waste and increases quality, leading to a lower environmental impact. Any defects are captured at source in the factory before arriving on site. Due to the structural stability of the panel there will be fewer housing defects once construction is finished and time-tested.
  • Increased speed – Speed is a vital factor with construction. The system enables a plethora of speed incentives such as internal/external works can commence immediately after lift day; Stair access immediately after install; Less damage and delay due to weather or material delays; Reduced manual handling, working at height, material handling; Improved construction predictability and programme reliability; Reduce construction time on site, resulting in less disruption for existing residents

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