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Future Motors - Revolutionary Electric Motors


Our Revolutionary Electric Motors can reduce a buildings electricity consumption and carbon footprint from between 7% and 28%.

This is by replacing old, wasteful motors within AHU’s and Pump applications with our IE5 rated Smart Motor Solution, with direct savings ranging from 30% -60% and an average ROI of under 3 years.

Our Software driven Switched Reluctance Motor, is in most cases a simple drop-in replacement for existing motors in HVAC and Pump applications, ranging from 2.2kW-10.5kW. With regards to larger motors, anything over 11kW, we’ve developed a unique switched reluctance motor fan-Array solution which uses multiple Turntide Smart Motors. By using this solution, it allows us to replace motors of any size (11kW+), reducing energy consumption and improving air flow. It can be fully integrated with all BMS systems with additional IOT connectivity and reporting. There are no rare earth metals so inherently more sustainable. The controller aspect of the solution completes variable speed between 100 and 3600 rpm. A bullet proof design with a 3-year warranty.


  • An A/C induction motor has a constant electrically induced magnetic field which then creates torque and causes the motor to spin, whereas our motor the current is switched on and off at specific points in the motors rotation.
  • The controller shapes the current around 20,000 times per second aiming to be as efficient as possible across all speeds.
  • Our Motor wastes no Rotor current.
  • Turntide app allows complete visibility of speed/savings/maintenance.


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