Onyx Solar – Solar Photovoltaic Glass,
Capturing sunlight and turn it into electricity

Solar Photovoltaic Glass - Capturing sunlight and turn it into electricity.
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Onyx Solar is the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings.

Onyx Solar uses PV Glass as a material for building purposes as well as an electricity-generating material, with the aim of capturing the sunlight and turn it into electricity.

The panes are made of layers of heat-treated safety glass which can provide the same thermal and sound insulation as conventional architectural glass, not to mention the fact that they also let natural light go through in the same way as conventional glass.


  • PV Glass generates free and clean electricity thanks to the sun, turning buildings into vertical power generators
  • PV Glass lets natural light go through. It also provides thermal and sound insulation, ensuring great filtering power as 99% of UV harmful radiation and up to 95% of IR radiation can be absorbed
  • Our PV Glass works as a revenue-accelerator. Enjoy long term energy savings, tax credits and incentives
  • Our PV glass to the needs of our customers making it possible to choose the shape, colour, size, thickness and grade of transparency of the glass therefore facilitating its integration in a wide range of projects and designs
  • Installing our photovoltaic glass is no different from installing conventional glass


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