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Switchee Smart Thermostat - Better Lives With Intelligent Homes
Home Innovation Partners Switchee Smart Thermostat – Better Lives With Intelligent Homes.

Switchee makes maintaining your properties simple and straightforward with remote tools that allow you to check a property’s condition, analyse problems and schedule fixes all in one place.

Switchee is a smart thermostat and analytics solution that allows housing providers to better understand a property through live sensor data, improving communication through a digital two-way communication system and save residents money on their energy bills. Each Switchee smart thermostat uses five sensors temperature, light, motion, humidity and air pressure to learn household and heating usage patterns. Residents save money on their bills through a more efficient use of their heating system. Landlords can access this sensor data, as well as a host of other calculated metrics, via a dashboard and API. This allows them to perform a range of cost-saving actions, pre-emptive repairs or data-informed strategic interventions.

Examples include:

  •  Optimally scheduling appointments with residents
  •  Identifying properties at risk of mould and damp
  • Conducting remote boiler or heating system tests

Switchee can be installed in most properties across a portfolio – with the latest large-scale rollout being Flagship Group’s commitment to install 20,000 units over the next 5 years.


  • Cost effective – Average 2 year return on investment
  • Enables social landlords to improve and refine service delivery by identifying properties at greatest risk of building fabric issues
  • Control – The Switchee device is a touch-screen, internet-connected, smart thermostat that allows residents to control their heating and hot water.
  • Upgrading a manual thermostat to our Switchee device enables the resident to optimise their energy use, lower heating bills by up to 17%, and reduce energy consumption – future-proofing homes and driving towards Net Zero.
  • Energy saving – Reduces resident energy bills by 15%
  • Waste reduction
  • Connectivity – Specifically designed for social housing providers, the Switchee dashboard displays real-time data and insights via a user-friendly platform
  • Communication – Digitising resident communications via our trusted in-home display, social housing providers can send and receive messages, conduct surveys and schedule appointments. Compared with traditional forms of communication, SMS and email messaging, this method is proven to cut costs, reduce environmental impact, and drive efficiency. With an overall response rate of 92% to Switchee messages, 88% of residents typically reply to a message within 24 hours.



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