My Creations –
3D Printed Lighting.

My Creations - 3D Printed Lighting.
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Brightening the world we live in with our new form of digital craftsmanship – 3D Printing!

Today’s smart choice in lighting is 3D printed. We enable you to create remarkable and sustainable lighting designs. Fitting your brand and spaces seamlessly. Delivered directly to your business. Saving on time, energy, carbon, waste and transportation.

My Creations - 3D Printed Lighting

Special designs – Amazing shapes, Mesmerising colours, Unique textures, Endless possibilities. All possible with the latest 3D technology.

Sustainable -3D printed lighting is the sustainable choice in lighting. Eliminating waste by using recycled and mass balanced bio circular materials. Contributing to the circular economy by design. Reducing CO2 emissions significantly by printing locally.

Printed at lightspeed – Instant development, fast delivery, and global coverage for awesome projects. Ready to serve your needs.


  • Carbon saving
  • Energy saving
  • Waste reduction

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