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Furniture Renewed. We know that form, function and budget are imperatives. Our mission is to ensure that choosing sustainable furniture is as simple and effective as buying new.

We bring furniture back to as-new condition through remanufacturing, create exclusive furniture ranges from waste, and supply new furniture designed for multiple lives. Our free design service will create your perfect layout and furnish it with existing furniture remodelled and revitalised, furniture made from recycled materials, or new furniture designed for reuse in the future.

Our end-to-end services include transport, installation, project management, take-back, and leasing. Second-life furniture reduces carbon emissions by over 80%, avoids waste, and is better value than new. We report on the carbon emissions saved, wasted avoided, money saved and local employment created by choosing Rype’s Circular Economy furniture instead of high-carbon furniture made overseas from virgin materials.


  • 80% reduction in cost compared with new furniture
  • Social value generation
  • 50% reduction cost compared to the same item bough new
  • Beautiful items which look and perform as new
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Guaranteed take back scheme, ensuring furniture is used again multiple times


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