SAVORTEX Smart Hand Sanitiser – Internet enabled sensors track usage in real time.

SAVORTEX Smart Hand Sanitiser - Internet enabled sensors track usage.
Home Innovation Partners SAVORTEX Smart Hand Sanitiser – Internet enabled sensors track usage.
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Cut carbon emissions, reduce operating spend, achieve regulatory targets.

The system uses fully automated hand sanitisers that use RFID technology to track use in real-time. The sanitisers are alerted to the staff member/visitor’s presence as they approach the machine; they then monitor sanitisation and discreetly notify the user as a reminder to sanitise if they failed to do so.

GDPR compliant data is anonymised at source but enables individuals, departments, and buildings to measure and certify their hand hygiene levels. In some cases, the technology can even restrict access to those posing a serious hygiene risk to the building.

Integrated video screens can display company health and safety advice, along with the latest Covid-19 guidance. Along with instant refill alerts and low-energy output, the sanitisers also offer a more carbon-efficient sanitisation method.


  • Manufactured in Britain with recyclable plastic, and comes with an industry-leading 3-year parts guarantee as standard.
  • Direct and lasting reduction in OPEX
  • Automatically dispenses sanitiser gel, preventing cross-contamination between the user and the equipment.
  • Lifetime support
  • Non intrusive installation
  • The intelligent dispenser remotely informs managers when liquid is running low and displays usage in real-time on the hygiene dashboard. 
  • No changes to existing set points or plant and no down time
  • Maintenance-free
  • Proven reduction in CO2 contribution
  • Satisfying the requirements of all your internal and external stakeholders
  • The large 1.8ltr internal tank reduces service disruption from regular refilling and improves operational efficiency.
  • You can use real-time hand sanitisation information to prevent the spread of infection and protect the safety and wellbeing of staff. The solution comes with a fully branded GDPR-compliant hygiene app.

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