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T-mac is a versatile, IoT-enabled, metering, monitoring and control system.

T-mac Technologies - Building energy management platform.
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Help businesses to remotely manage and reduce energy consumption.

At t-mac, we deliver a service that fully integrates your critical energy systems into one seamless, remotely-managed platform. These services provide visibility of all your systems in your buildings including heating, lighting, and ventilation.

When it comes to energy management, understanding your consumption is key. Through managing your data in real-time, businesses can ‘act now’ if their energy consumption peaks beyond desired levels.
t-mac can also assist clients with metering and sub-metering – giving you instant access to information on costs, consumption, and your carbon footprint.

Regular monitoring can help a business to better understand how their sites are operating and how to improve efficiency. Monitoring, lighting, heating and machine conditions can provide remote diagnostics of equipment performance – in other words, how and when it is running.

Full control of your AC units, HVAC systems, boilers and lighting in real-time can lead to significant benefits elsewhere within your business. And with technology continuing to develop at a rapid rate, businesses must maintain a steady pace to stay competitive in this constantly evolving market.

Clear and concise energy information, along with the ability to make improvements could give your business that much-needed competitive edge.

Low cost building management system for metering, monitoring and control with typical ROI of under 18 months.


  • Metering Providing utility & sub-meter data via a suite of online reporting and dashboard style software
  • Monitoring Conditions including Temperature, Humidity, Lux, Vibration, Leaks, Faults, etc can be monitored, recorded and alerted on in real time
  • Control With onboard I/O and Modbus connectivity you can take control of site systems and drive energy savings, all managed from the online portal
  • This solution can also empower you to take action against inefficiencies and reduce your operational costs – enabling you to implement, change, and manage controls with the single touch of a button.
  • Our t-mac devices can easily connect to your mains meter or take a pulse output, extracting data and translating it
    into vital analysis on costs, energy consumption and your carbon footprint.
  • Monitoring machine conditions to provide remote diagnostics of equipment performance – how and when it is running. This can help businesses to improve their site equipment, as part of a holistic business strategy.


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