Cobalt Hybrid Balcony System – The most innovative, sustainable and certified balcony system.

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Manufactured offsite using aluminium extrusions with up to 70% recycled content.


Cobalt Hybrid Balcony Systems from Blue Chyp, are a unique off site manufactured balcony system, Manufactured using premium aluminium sections, with no seen fixings, and no welding.

Manufactured rather than fabricated, Cobalt has a completely repeatable design, and is CNC cut and controlled. Blue Chyp are able to use the highest-quality materials thanks to the huge savings made in assembly and fabrication costs, and using patent-pending methods for balustrade and floor fixings, drainage and finishes.

Cobalt Hybrid Balcony systems are the first, and only, balcony to have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verified by BRE, and qualifying for BREEAM incentives. This is due to the Aluminium extrusions used having upto 70% recycled content and offering an 80% carbon footprint reduction versus traditional steel balconies.

Cobalt Hybrid Balcony systems are the first, and only, balcony to have achieved both NHBC Accepts and BSI Trust Mark status to certify compliance with new British standards and regulations. These verifications come after rigorous audits and physical testing for performance, compliance and drainage.


  • Attention to every single detail with a sole focus on finished quality. 78% cost savings in assembly time allows for the inclusion of premium materials and refined finishes.
  • A balcony system that typically weights only 100kg per m2 offers vast savings on cast-in anchors, as well as loads on the building structure.
  • Recycled and locally sourced materials and reduced HGV movements by 75%
  • Balustrade and chassis systems with no exposed fixings or welding. Perfectly aligned and connecting parts give consistency and repetition. Standing water traps and drips eliminated through sloped and contoured surfaces.
  • To meet BS8579:2020 and NHBC requirements, edge drainage must project 30mm away from the balcony below. Cobalt offers the markets only IPX4 tested drainage, tested and verified by BSi and NHBC.


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