LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems,
Class Leading Decentralised Ventilation.

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems
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LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems,  
Class Leading Decentralized Ventilation

Partel is the official supplier of LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems in UK and Ireland.

LUNOS e²60 unit provides excellent humidity activated ventilation with high levels of Heat Recovery and does so without the need for expensive space consuming ductwork. It is the first unit of its type to achieve the pressure stability class S1. The intelligent control system, its extremely quiet operating noise and very high energy-efficiency class (A+) make it ideal for low-energy projects.

Class Leading Decentralised Ventilation with Heat Recovery Ideal for Retrofit/New Construction, Residential/Commercial Works.


  • Carbon saving
  • Guaranteed savings
  • No Ductwork needed which incurs a Large Cost and Space savings compared to Central Systems, being also easily scalable
  • Thermal efficiency up to 90.6%
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Indoor environment improvement
  • A+ Energy Efficiency Rating. Extremely Low Power Consumption, from 0,09 W/(m³/h) Approx. or less than 3p a day to run, if running 24 hours avg
  • Optimised Sound Insulation & Design = 36 db(A) Quiet room = 42db

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