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SATK32 Heat Interface Unit - Intelligent heat interface units
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Altecnic’s HIU’s are best in class for efficiency as carried out independently under the test standard for HIU’s by BESA.

The range has been developed to not only have an impact in creating a more efficient heat network but can also benefit the life cycle, operation and maintenance of the HIU/network.

To highlight briefly the benefits of Altecnic’s range of intelligent HIU’s; The SATK32 can be set to control the return temperature from the space heating back on to the primary network, the SATK32 can be set hold a maximum primary flow rate resulting in reduced pump optimisation, the pre-heat/keep warm for hot water production can be set to permanently on, permanently off or timed. The SATK32 has two way communication capability resulting in remote fault diagnostics and configuration.

The SATK32 will cycle the integral pump and control valves periodically regardless of use resulting in less failure of parts. Ultimately flexibility is the key as we understand that no one system is the same and the SATK32 can be adapted to suit individual project requirements.


  • Carbon saving
  • Energy saving
  • Improved Maintenance
  • Resource efficiency

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