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creating robot solutions in the energy efficiency sector across both social and private housing

Q-Bot's under-floor insulation - Robotic underfloor insulation.
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Q-Bot is a ‘Queen’s Award for Innovation’ winning developer of intelligent systems to inspect, monitor and maintain the health of buildings using Robotics and AI.

Q-Bot is dedicated to improving the health of our buildings, reducing energy usage and paving the way for a sustainable construction industry. Q-Bot’s solutions ensure that people have a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to make their homes warm, comfortable and energy-efficient.

In a typical home, 20% of all heat escapes through a suspended timber floor. This leaves your home draughty and uncomfortable, while you waste energy and money heating cold rooms. 

Q-Bot uses robots to spray insulation under the floor with minimal disruption to your life. The insulation immediately reduces the heat lost through the floor and draughts, ensuring a happy and healthy home.


  • Reducing energy usage and carbon emissions from buildings
  • Achieve your EPC ‘C’ rating by 2030: across 100 UK homes, Q-Bot’s solution was shown to be the most cost-effective retrofit measure available, after loft insulation at an average cost of £400 per EPC point gained.
  • Achieve your carbon target by 2030: Q-Bot’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) found that, each year, 730kg of CO2 was saved per household that had installed Q-Bot’s insulation, this is equivalent to a CO2 saving of 16% per year. This translates to the equivalent CO2 saving of 11.6 trees planted per household. These results have also been verified by Energy Saving Trust.
  • Reducing fuel poverty and providing affordable warmth.
  • 16% average savings on your energy bills
  • 16% reduction in your carbon emissions
  • Q-Bot’s under floor insulation reduced by 79% the heat lost through the floor after insulation was installed and a decrease of cold draughts by 30% across the whole house.
  • According to Ashden, so far, Q-Bot’s under floor insulation has benefitted over 1,200 people. On top of significant energy savings, residents and homeowners reported feeling less draughts and warmer feet.
  • We work with installation delivery partners to offer our robotic solution to the social and private market across the country. This means that Q-Bot will train their own workforces to use Q-Bot technology, provides robots along with support, and service and maintenance. We have developed a partnership with Your Homes Newcastle and Warmworks Scotland.


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