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Energy Insights | Panoramic Power.

Our energy insights technology addresses the market need for energy cost control, energy management and business sustainability by enabling organizations to proactively manage their energy with real-time, circuit-level energy intelligence that powers data-driven and comprehensive energy strategies.

Our comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions consists of our Panoramic Power wireless sensors and power meters in combination with our Panoramic Power Gen 4+ Bridge and complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadar.

The Panoramic Power suite of power monitoring equipment and software is an industry leader in cost and ease of installation, enabling quick and cost-effective collection and analysis of real-time energy intelligence.

PowerRadar is our industry-leading energy management software that will sit at the very heart of your energy strategy, providing a single view to visualise and take action on your energy data. PowerRadar brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyse your entire energy estate.


  • Cost effective
  • Carbon saving
  • Energy saving
  • Waste reduction


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