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Ventmiser/Cookermiser is a unique ventilation control system, utilising the latest demand control technology it provides ventilation or boost ventilation whenever required.

Completely customisable to the end users requirements it offers an adjustable over-run timer and push button control for additional boost ventilation. Using encapsulated sensors, Ventmiser/Cookermiser will never need to be recommissioned or recalibrated. It is the only ventilation control system to use precise current and temperature sensors. It really is a fit and forget solution enabling you to Build Wiser with Ventmiser/Cookermiser.

The end user can go about their day knowing the Ventmiser/Cookermiser controls will activate their ventilation as and when needed. By boosting the ventilation on demand this can save energy and also reduce the need for redecoration as mould and damp issues are less likely to arise.

Ventmiser/Cookermiser was invented to reduce false fire alarms in student accommodation, where installed correctly alongside an appropriate ventilation system false fire alarms can be reduced to Zero.

Finally as Ventmiser/Cookermiser is one of the most robust technologies in its class, our controls will often out last the fans/ventilation system its controlling.

Note: Ventmiser and Cookmiser are the same product sold under a different brand name to suit the application.


  • Auto control : No need for user intervention using Demand Control Ventilation (DCV).
  • Energy Saving : By boosting the ventilation on demand : when showering, bathing or cooking.
  • Protects the fabric of the building, reducing the potential for mould and damp thus reducing the life cycle costs.
  • Reduce False Fire Alarms : By removing cooking odours and particulates immediately false fire alarms are significantly reduced.
  • Adjustable Overrun timer : Can be set to suit all requirements
  • Easy to install : With options for current and temperature sensors for total flexibility.
  • Simple to commission : Once installed commissioning times are less than 30 minutes.
  • Fit and forget solution : Using sealed sensors there is no need for recalibration.
  • Manual push button override facility : SELV manual override input provides manual localised on/boost control for 25 minutes. This is now a requirement in ADF 2010.


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