Solar Street Lights – Clean and sustainable street lighting that provide bright LED lighting all year round, require no cabling or trenching and produce zero emissions.

Solar Street Lights - Clean, sustainable street lighting.
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Year-round, permanent solar street lighting. Simple to install and no need for external electrical power.

Envirolec has become the ‘go-to’ company across a number of industries, helping them implement turnkey solutions and groundbreaking strategies.

After years at the forefront of this exciting industry, we’ve seen game-changing innovation and breath-taking new technologies change the face of sustainability amongst a collective aspiration for smarter working and living environments.

We understand the power of sustainability and it’s what drives us to create the ingenious, integrated technological solutions that continue to influence environmental goals not only for businesses, but for the domestic user as well.

Our resources within the renewable industry are comprehensive and, like our solutions, they’re designed to meet the needs of our customer base, both today and as they evolve in the future.

Together, as we look to another generation in renewable technologies and sustainability, Envirolec smart energy solutions will continue to use our imagination to innovate and integrate some of the world’s most remarkable green technology solutions.

Founded with the goal of provisioning affordable, yet high-quality green technology to both domestic and commercial buyers, Envirolec has grown to become one of London’s most prominent renewable technology providers.

Envirolec smart energy solutions are the experts. We know that the amount of electricity your renewable energy system will generate is dependent on many factors, including your location, roof pitch, roof orientation, and also how much and when you use your electricity at home.

No Trenching, No Cabling, No DNO connection. Latest Solar Technology!


  • Free energy
  • Maintenance free
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Zero noise

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