Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS).

WWHRS - A cost-effective energy efficiency solution
Home Innovation Partners WWHRS – A cost-effective energy efficiency solution.

A technology that uses the residual heat from the waste shower water to preheat the incoming cold feed by passing through a double walled copper heat exchanghe Recoup Pipe+HEX is our primary and most efficient waste water heat recovery system for showers.

The Recoup Pipe+HEX is our primary and most efficient waste water heat recovery system for showers. As a passive system with no end-user interaction and an efficiency of up to 67%, it provides an effective pound-to-points ratio in SAP.

The Recoup Easyfit+ is a horizontal WWHRS system designed to be fitted directly under a standard bath or shower tray. Easy to retrofit into an existing system or plan into any property design.

The Recoup Drain+ ranges offer an option for wet rooms, communal and office shower rooms. With various depths, efficiencies and appearance, there is a solution for any project requirement.


  • BREEAM compliance
  • Reduces the energy required per shower use by up to 55%. Energy that would normally go down the drain becomes reused: reducing hot water requirements; lowering CO2 emissions and reducing household energy bills every time the shower is used.
  • The high efficiency of Recoup products produce more SAP points, and therefore better value for new-build developers, the homeowner, and the environment.
  • Recoup WWHRS are the UK market leaders for Waste Water Heat Recovery for showers (WWHRS). One of the fastest growing energy efficient products available.
  • Improve EPC rating
  • Used for new build compliance through SAP, SBEM or BREEM or retrofitting existing constructions such as homes, hotels or commercial buildings, which in turn reduces the hot water costs of high traffic areas or hard to treat homes.

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