X Tag – Gain real-time transparency, accountability, and insight into all key areas of your compliance.

X Tag - Go beyond compliance with a focus on safety.
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Simply monitor and manage all of your inspections.

Plentific works with landlords to transform how they deliver repairs and maintenance services. We do it through a powerful marketplace SaaS platform that empowers landlords and property managers to launch and manage their own fully flexible contractor supply chain.

Moreover, we enable housing providers to transform reactive compliance processes into proactive, data-driven approaches. Our technology enables the sector to capture essential data from servicing, repairs, and maintenance activities in real-time. The data captured is available via the compliance portal in a standardised, structured, and impartial format. Giving you transparency, accountability, and importantly assurance on both a granular and holistic level.


  • Administrative overhead saving of 25%
  • Evidence-based accountability for the work completed at managed properties
  • 18% increase in visit productivity
  • Real-time, regulatory compliance oversight
  • Structured asset and compliance data capture
  • Simple implementation of MOT style servicing regime can save £10 a year per


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