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IWTM Protector - Water by Design
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Our chemical free water treatment for closed loop networks addresses the causes of corrosion to avoid the perpetual cycle of treating the symptoms.

Our technology engineers your network’s water to control the causal elements that allow corrosion and bacteria to thrive, creating a hostile environment for both. We comply with Europe’s most stringent water quality standards including VDI2035 and have eradicated the use of chemical additives, from pre-commissioning cleaning and flushing of new systems to cleaning through and then maintaining existing networks.

IWTM were one of the early innovators of using electrochemistry in closed loop water treatment and are now the global leaders in their field. IWTM deliver corrosion protection for new build and retrofit projects of any size as well as servicing the global maritime industry from a network of international offices. Our solution offers improvements in reliability, sustainability, ROI and efficiency over and above chemical based water treatment for closed loop hydronic systems.

Our Protector series is the next generation of chemical free water treatment sized for system volumes over 5,000 litres. These hybrid units have a 40-micron basket which filters the system whilst allowing for the anodes to be unsheathed. This allows the anodes and magnets, which now run the length of the internal vessel, greater contact with the surface area of the water. 

This makes the Protector series the most efficient chemical free solution on the market offering faster clean-up of existing systems and enhanced protection for new.


  • Guaranteed savings
  • Indoor environment improvement
  • Resource efficiency
  • Water saving


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