ZIP – HydroTap Instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparking water

HydroTap - Instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparking water
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The all-new HydroTap features our latest and most innovative technology. 

From the intuitive command centre interface and protective boiling water safety lock, to the water conserving air-cooled chilling system and customisable energy saving settings

The HydroTap features two tap designs – the Classic Plus with Stretitouch® touch pad which ensures that 99.99% of surface bacteria is killed – and the Touch-free wave which is operated via infrared sensors for a completely touch-free experience for added hygiene.

Furthermore, the HydroTap provides industry-leading 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration technology that filters out dirt, lead, cysts and microplastics, and can promote refill culture which helps to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles.


  • Our advanced MicroPurity™ filtration system removes all the unwanted nasties from ordinary tap water, including dirt, lead, microplastics, 99.9% of microbiological cysts and 97% of chlorine. This results in fresh, clear and pure tasting drinking water. It’s truly life changing, 80% of HydroTap owners say they drink more water thanks to its taste.
  • Infrared touch-free operation on the HydroTap Wave for enhanced hygiene
  • Energy-saving settings, such as sleep when inactive
  • Our advanced filtration system removes the unwanted contaminants from tap water
  • Designed to be as energy efficient as possible, the HydroTap supports your sustainability goals
  • Boiling safety locks prevent accidental dispensing of boiling water
  • SheriTouh antimicrobial treatment in key components of the water path and on the Classic Plus touchpad to ensure 99.99% of bacteria is killed
  • Our taps stay calm under pressure. No splutter or steam, just a steady flow of boiling water
  • Hydration beyond the kitchen sink. They HydroTap can be installed on both a sink or a font.
  • Our HydroTap range is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Our innovative heating technology ensures the product continuously maintains its temperature and an intelligent sleep mode keeps running costs down and environmental credentials up.

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