Stonewater - Wates


Wates Living Space’s appointment as maintenance provider for social landlord Stonewater on a 15-year £105m contract not only shows the standing the company is building in the social housing sector, but also the way that it is prepared to innovate to provide great service to its customers.

WLS opened two of its own offices in Milton Keynes and Redditch to enable it to better serve Stonewater residents across the landlord’s East and West regions, spanning from the West Midlands to Cambridgeshire. The contract was mobilised while England was still under strict COVID-19 restrictions, creating challenges both with service delivery and with the onboarding of new staff. In total the new contract saw 18 new recruits, in addition to staff who transferred over to the company from Stonewater.

New staff were trained in COVID-19- safe systems of working, which had been well-established by this point across WLS contracts. To put residents’ minds at ease during this period, WLS created a short, animated video, which was attached to repairs appointment confirmation texts, explaining what they could expect from their service under lockdown conditions.

The partnership is also groundbreaking in terms of its environmental impact. As part of the Wates Group’s goals of being Net Zero carbon from operations by 2025, all CO2 generated by the operational delivery of the contract with Stonewater will be offset within the calendar year. Meanwhile, enhanced data collection will drive an overall reduction in CO2 emissions in the future.

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