Behind the Lights – Piccadilly’s Lucent project completed for Landsec

The Lucent building behind the iconic Piccadilly Lights
Home News Behind the Lights – Piccadilly’s Lucent project completed for Landsec

We’ve completed work on a new seven-story mixed-use building behind the iconic Piccadilly Lights in central London, transforming a previously disused space into shops, workspaces and apartments.

mixed-use building behind the iconic Piccadilly Lights in central London.

The building, known as Lucent, has 110,000 sq. ft of office space, 30,000 sq. ft of retail space, seven private apartments and two basement levels.

We and our project partner, Landsec, kept the Piccadilly Lights illuminated throughout the project maintaining the unique character of this London landmark. Shops around the site also remained open throughout.

A new 144,000 sq. ft. building has taken shape behind the iconic Piccadilly Lights

The preservation of heritage assets has been a cornerstone of the project. Specialist contractors meticulously restored original features, integrating them into the modern architectural design, with original stonework re-used to imitate historic assets.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of Lucent’s design and construction. A central open-air atrium features a full-size Magnifica tree, while the 78 sq. m winter garden features four mature trees, improving occupants’ connection to the natural environment and regenerating oxygen throughout the building.

The building’s layout prioritises natural light, with sunlit floors complemented by over 20 outdoor green spaces, including balconies and terraces, housing more than 600 plants. The implementation of a sedum roof further boosts the overall biodiversity efforts.

We generated £1.8m in social value, through the course of the project, investing £265k in social enterprises, and supported 757 students through education activities. In total, our people volunteered 146 hours within the local community.

We also designed and launched a unique technical training programme,  Change the Script” in partnership with Landsec and the Ambassador Theatre Group to address the skills gaps faced by the theatre and construction industries. The seven-week training and employment programme provided opportunities for local people to gain experience in areas such as off-stage, building management and backstage theatre roles in addition to drylining, mechanical, electrical and plumbing construction trades.