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Becoming part of the critical response team at The Discovery Channel.

Commencing work in 2016, our facilities management contract with Discovery has seen the team provide 24/7 critical engineering cover and fabric maintenance services at the organisation’s premises at Chiswick Park.

We know that first and foremost, providing facilities management services requires confidence and trust. It requires us to embed ourselves in our clients’ operations, to understand their vision, to share in their values and deliver a service as a core part of their business.

For our team this has been the guiding principle in the service we provide to American multinational mass media company, Discovery. And in 2019 we extended our contract to continue our excellent work at Discovery’s live broadcasting premises.

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Delivering resilience & excellence

As a live televised service, Discovery requires the utmost continuity in its operating systems to enable them to fulfil their commitment to being a global leader in real life entertainment. We have provided daily critical engineering support, putting in place a full time Technical Support Manager and implementing a robust team structure that gives our client a round-the-clock responsive service and continued peace of mind.

Providing a day-to-day on-the-ground link in to our client, our Technical Services Manager (TSM) is critical to the service we provide to Discovery. Our TSM is supported by contract support, day technicians, fabric maintenance, and shift engineers, all of whom form our comprehensive team that work together to provide a seamless service, ensuring that building services are continually monitored and disruptions to service immediately remedied.

Being agile and adaptable

Our adaptability alongside our team’s extensive knowledge and skills enables us to be agile at all times. This is fundamental to our work on behalf of Discovery. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our team’s ability to think on its feet enabled us to promptly put in place enhanced cover to accommodate any arising need for individual isolation. Responding to changes in Discovery’s operational needs, the team brought on board and inducted new staff, supported the team with Covid-safe travel arrangements and worked with Discovery’s consultants to implement social distancing.

Creating trust and confidence

Above all we want our clients to have confidence in us as their FM provider and we know that being a reliable and responsible FM partner is fundamental to creating trust. We adopt an open and transparent working arrangement, enabling us to maintain constant conversation with Discovery to identify challenges and find suitable solutions. We ensure that we have reliable supply chain partners who also become a core part of this process, enabling us to efficiently outsource services including water treatment, hygiene, air conditioning and mansafe systems.

The Wates on-site team have provided unwavering support to our Technical Facilities and Real Estate Departments at Discovery throughout the entire pandemic. They have assisted in the implementation of our social distancing schemes, completed critical maintenance and provided front line support to essential on-site staff without missing a single shift, demonstrating the loyalty of a small yet highly functional team.”

Lee Mitchell

VP Technical Facilities and Engineering, Discovery Communications

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