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Reducing energy & carbon emissions for a High-Performance Engineering & Technology customer

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As trusted experts in facilities management, we have extensive experience in optimising our customers’ buildings, making sure they operate in the best way possible to improve and enhance their performance.

We are very proud to be doing this on behalf of a High-Performance Engineering & Technology customer in Northamptonshire, having worked with them as a valued customer for over 14 years, streamlining their practices and enhancing waste management

Reducing energy & carbon emissions

Since 2009, we have assisted our customer in, delivering planned preventative maintenance and optimising their estate. Over time, our collaborative partnership has made it possible for the team to provide new solutions to emerging challenges, and more recently we have developed a number of industry-leading measures to reduce our customer’s environmental impact.

Sustainability practices are constantly evolving, and our team works tirelessly to create efficiencies in  waste management, striking a balance to achieve cost and functional efficiency. From this, savings of over £64,000 per year have been achieved with our team continually reviewing how further improvements can be made in the coming years. We are striving for enhanced segregation and storage on site to increase the volume of waste (including plastic and cardboard) that is recycled rather than going to energy from waste. Optimising our segregation is also allowing us to reduce the number of waste vehicle movements and therefore reduce our carbon emissions. With a growing commitment to tackling the climate crisis, we jointly defined strategies for success in the present and for the future.

Incorporating social value

Waste reduction has been achieved by donating safety shoes used in the manufacturing process to Shoe Aid. The charity collects and donates the safety shoes to be reused in Sierra Leone and Cameroon, specifically supporting disadvantaged groups and improving the sustainability of the communities involved. Donating through this stream we have donated over 430 shoes in the 18 months, but the real value is the difference it makes to the communities in Africa.

Switching and saving

Moving away from single-use paper towels to electric hand dryers has reduced wastage of 275kg paper towels per month, saving approximately £30,000 per year, factoring in the running costs of the new dryers and the previously allocated spend for paper towels. The dryers were installed in 2023 as colleagues began to spend more time on site following the pandemic.

Optimising waste reduction

Recycling on-site has increased to 91%, with a 18-tonne reduction in waste generated on-site and saving over £24,000 per year. The segregation of waste was radically upgraded from basic recycling, with staff members assigned to ensuring all waste (around 200kg) was separated each day, re-designing the waste management system from the point of disposal so only genuine items became general waste.

Furthermore, 10,000 litres per month of wastewater was recycled, with new regulations put into place Previously, all water involved in manufacturing became wastewater, but in a bid to reduce the amount of wastage, only hazardous water was to be removed from the site. Over 8,000 litres of water was then diverted from contaminated containers and to normal discharge each month, saving £10,000 per year.

Creating consciousness on site has been central to this project, communicating new practices to colleagues to drive the operations forward. There has been a cumulative understanding and appreciation of the results the waste management maintenance has been providing, particularly in terms of the financial savings.

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