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Twycross Zoo

Helping Twycross Zoo to become one of the UKs leading visitor attractions

We have provided M&E, fabric maintenance, minor project works and horticulture services to Twycross since June 2016.

Twycross Zoo is an award winning conservation charity which sits across 80 acres in Leicestershire. The zoo houses and cares for over 500 animals including, as a specialist primate zoo, all four types of great ape including the UKs only group of Bonobos.

It also welcomes over 500,000 members of the public to zoo every year and holds numerous large scale events. In delivering this contract we had to consider the live environment, the different climactic conditions of the animals and the conservation efforts of the park.

Twycross Gruffalo land

Service 24/7, 365 days a year

As the site only closes on Christmas day (and the animals need to be looked after every day!) it is crucial that the site is kept operating to the highest standards.

To help Twycross with their goal, we have provided the on-site team with customer service skills training which not only improves their ability to work with stakeholders, but also with those that are visiting the zoo.

Twycross zoo

Our service to the zoo

The importance of our services at Twycross cannot be underestimated.

Hard services are important in the majority of environments, but in a museum or a zoo, a lack of control over climate, humidity, and lighting conditions can lead to the loss of something irreplaceable. In this case, the loss of an endangered animals life.

Work is carried out to provide maximum levels of public safety with protective barriers in place or, where possible, is completed outside of public hours.

Response times are also hugely important and we attend emergencies on site promptly. For example, when there was an issue regarding the temperature in the penguin enclosure, we corrected it in under 15 minutes.

Some aspects of compliance in a zoo are a little unusual. It is critically important that animals are kept safe from visitors and that visitors and staff are kept safe from the animals. Therefore, our compliance checks and task descriptions at Twycross involve the checking of enclosure security, ensuring there are sufficient staff in attendance, and that doors that are opened for work are closed and locked once finished.

We ensure that any subcontractors or staff who are new to site are inducted and accompanied by someone who is familiar with the procedures specific to Twycross Zoo. In this way we can be certain that mistakes are not made with regards to the security of animals or the public.

Twycross zoo, fox


We currently have a jointly funded graduate working closely with Twycross Zoo to implement sustainable technologies.

One of the biggest energy saving initiatives is in the form of animal dung! Waste is collected and heated which creates natural methane gas. That bio-gas is then used to power generators, creating electricity to run the zoo.

In addition to this being a reusable energy source, it has the following benefits:

  • Reduction of animal waste problems associated with disposal on-site
  • Greatly reduced odour at the zoo
  • Fitting with the zoos key sustainability targets.
Twycross Zoo

Keeping events running

Twycross hold numerous events such as; weddings, corporates, school trips, birthday parties and seasonal specials. Our services and the on-site team are required to be flexible and work around such events, ensuring that the revenue and reputation of Twycross Zoo aren’t impacted.

To support this, we work with a ONE (Ownership, No surprises, Extra mile) team ethos and partnership approach. This keeps all aspects of the facilities at the highest standards and means that the zoo is ready to receive the general public as soon as possible following an event.

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