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438 kWh

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Collaborative ESG

We have been delivering a range of Facilities Management (FM) services on behalf of a key client for three years

In 2021, this partnership approach was applied to the development of a pioneering Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Strategy to enhance our client’s operations.

ESG Strategy Highlights:

  • Innovative EMS system installed at eight regional centres
  • Saving of £43,000 and 124kg of CO2 identified in one regional centre
  • 79% reduction in energy use in kitchen plant equipment
  • Six-month Kickstart programme for local jobseekers
  • Equal opportunities focus with BAME groups accounting for 33% of contract team
  • Occupancy sensors installed to monitor building usage against energy consumption


The core focus of our work is the continual review of ways in which they can improve their operations in terms of its buildings and its people. As part of this process, we proposed a variety of initiatives to apply innovation and add value, the most successful of which is our new ESG strategy.

Developed in partnership at the end of 2021, this strategy presented a host of Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives, each one unique to our client.

The ambition

  • To operate sustainably, reducing waste, carbon emissions and embracing innovation as a path towards net zero;
  • To create social value, ensuring a positive impact on society through a series of local charitable partnerships, educational programmes and training initiatives
  • To enhance operations, ensuring business is done ethically and occupier and staff wellbeing is safeguarded.
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Reducing energy use through collaboration

Delivered with collaboration at its heart, our client’s ESG strategy has so far seen us work together on a range of initiatives.

In 2021, our client was invited to attend a bespoke virtual Dragon’s Den style panel presentation with Wates Sustainable Technology Services to benefit from the market leading Wates Innovation Network (WIN) Portal.

Launched in 2020, the WIN portal is designed to connect organisations with a select group of Innovation Partners, each one a provider of sustainable solutions, products and services.

Through this collaborative event, our client met MetaB3E, a provider of an Energy Management System (EMS), a plug-and-play system that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate real-time metered consumption data and analysis through an Internet of Things platform.

Though in its early days, the EMS system has created extensive cost and carbon savings having made previously invisible data visible. The EMS system has so far identified:

  • A potential reduction of 438 kWh per day in one regional centre, equating to a saving of 124kg of CO2 per day and amounting to a potential financial saving of over £43,000 per year;
  • A 32% reduction in energy use following alterations to a control plant pump in the Reading regional centre;
  • A 79% reduction in energy use in kitchen plant equipment in a regional centre.

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