Home Counties social enterprises are an emerging economic force | Wates

Having spent £300,000 with the Northern Home Counties ’ SE sector in 2016, Wates is now calling on its industry peers to join in its commitment to an industry that works to support some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Ian Vickers, Managing Director, Wates Construction Home Counties, commented:

“Earlier this year we commissioned a report to examine the impact of Wates’ relationship with social enterprises, it found that for every £1 spent with the sector, £1.77 worth of social value was created for local communities. Measuring the financial benefit brought to SEs is of course important, but it’s also vital to consider the real value of putting social enterprises at the centre of supply chain procurement.
One social enterprise we have engaged with is Supply Shack, who we are working with to fulfil our stationery requirements on our sites across the region. Supply Shack is then able to use profits generated through our custom to help support its main aim of giving more opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
By combining the business models of the private sector with the social values of the third sector, social enterprises are a powerful force for good in the region’s economy and it is essential that industry leaders give them the support that they need and deserve.”

As part of its wider support of social enterprises, Wates has made a nationwide pledge to spend £20m with the sector by 2020, through the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, The business has also partnered with social enterprise experts, iSE, to commission a series of ‘Seeing is Believing’ tours across the country to demonstrate the benefit brought to society by the SE sector.

More information on Wates’ social enterprise initiatives can be found here

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