Local plans and system of presumed planning consent could solve housing crisis

Local plans and system of presumed planning consent could solve housing crisis
Home News Local plans and system of presumed planning consent could solve housing crisis

In a move to address the UK’s substantial housing shortage, we have called for bold reforms to the planning system.

In a newly released white paper, we propose an overhaul of the planning system and the introduction of a new approach with presumed consent at its heart, aiming to expedite house building across the country.

The UK is currently facing an acute housing crisis, with the Government unable to meet its annual target of building 300,000 new homes every year. In part, this can be attributed to an outdated planning system that is bogged down by bureaucratic delays.

To combat this, we have set out a new, streamlined planning system that ensures efficiency and clarity in the development process.

Key aspects of the proposed system include:

The white paper underpins the need for a balance of incentives and sanctions to ensure compliance and drive effective planning. This includes linking housing development with funding opportunities for local governments and imposing sanctions, such as transferring control of departments that fail to produce local plans, to the Planning Inspectorate.

As a country, we must urgently come together to address the housing crisis. Where we live can have a profound impact on our lives and here at Wates, we are committed to ensuring everyone has a decent place to call home. By adopting this change in approach, the Government could create a planning system that genuinely works to provide the homes this country so desperately needs, while also driving significant economic growth. While ambitious, the measures in this plan can deliver reform quickly and effectively.”

“From our experience at the forefront of delivering new homes, we know these measures are necessary if we are to seriously tackle this critical issue, now and in the future.”
Eoghan O’Lionaird - Chief Executive

Eoghan O’Lionaird,

Chief Executive, Wates Group

Delivering the homes our country needs

At Wates, we want to create sustainable and thriving communities and that starts with ensuring that everyone has a great place to live.

We have commissioned this white paper, to explore how we can get housebuilding moving to deliver the homes that people need.