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As a family-owned business we know our people are at the core of our continuing success. Its our people who make Wates successful. We will only achieve our strategic objectives if we retain and recruit the best people, and provide them with an environment characterised by inclusivity, diversity and opportunity.

Wates has identified key objectives and milestones in its new Diversity and Inclusion plan, to create a business where everyone is welcomed, included and connected.

The entire built environment sector needs to change to become more representative of wider society. At Wates we want to lead that change.  The plan we have issued today sets out our approach, our goals and our targets which will help us to be a business where everyone is welcomed, included and connected.
David Allen
Chief Executive, Wates  

BuildOut Together, our LGBTQ+ employee network steering our vision of inclusion

As a family-owned business, we know it’s our people who make us successful. And to be more like a family, we believe that everyone should feel welcome, included and connected. Our goal is to be an organisation where everyone loves to work;  a company where we look out for each other; a safe space where everyone can be themselves. For all of us. Our colleague-led employee networks lead in helping build a more inclusive organisation.

The BuildOut Together network is Wates’ employee-led LGBTQ+ network that ensures LGBTQ+ representation is visible within Wates; welcomes colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies to the LGBTQ+ community; provides a space for honest and respectful dialogue, sharing stories and resources; and influences policy and initiatives towards greater LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Download the Diversity and Inclusion infographic

Our goals:

  • Drive industry to be more inclusive by playing a leading role in peer and stakeholder collaboration
  • Have a workforce that more accurately reflects society (we will be 60% men, 40% women, 20% BAME, 3% disability and 5% LGBTQ+ across all levels in our business)
  • Positively encourage flexible working through appropriate working arrangements and benefits
  • Ensure fairness in all our people systems, processes and reward mechanisms
  • Be a place where everyone loves to work

We will achieve this by concentrating on 4 key objectives:

  • Encourage bold leadership our leaders at all levels are committed to embracing and implementing our #WatesTogether inclusion strategy
  • Increase awareness through education we provide the right tools and training to support inclusive mindsets and forums to foster debate
  • Involve everyone we empower everyone to create inclusive working environments and encourage them to engage in activities and partnerships internally and externally
  • Embed inclusion into all we do we will attract and develop a diverse workforce with an inclusive mindset and ensure all of our processes and procedures support this
"For me, an inclusive workplace is where we feel our individuality is cherished and we can be confident to bring our whole self to work."
Nikunj Upadhyay
Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion

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