100 for 100 Series: Angela O'Brien | Wates

Equality of opportunity for everyone is essential for businesses to thrive. For 2019 International Woman’s Day, Angela O’Brien shares what #balanceforbetter means to her.

Angela O'Brien - Desktop Publishing Operator, Wates Group Services

Introduce yourself for us

I’m Angela O’Brien and I work for the SHEQ team as a Desktop Publisher (Graphic Design).

How long have you been in your current role?

6 months with the SHEQ team and 15 years with Wates.

What brought you to Wates?

My Auntie told me they needed some help with the phones on site so I came to help for a while. The people and the opportunities within the business is what has kept me here for so long. During my 15 years I have worked on site and in the office, trying out lots of different roles and shadowing people. I left university with no clue what I wanted to do, and Wates has helped me find my strengths and talents, nurtured them, and helped me to succeed in my roles.

What advice would you give to women entering the industry?

Try it! Just give it a go and embrace opportunities – you never know what strengths and talents you will discover within yourself.

Who are your role models?

I really struggled with this one as I don’t have any specific role models. I am inspired every single day by different people who have faced adversity and whose outlook remains positive, people who give to others, people who do random acts of kindness, people who are brave and face their fears, people who care or who spend time making things better for others, people with kind words to say, people who inspire me with their words and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or others, people who believe in something, people with dreams and aspirations, however big or small.

Tell us something unusual about you

I’m a published playwright (I have three online so far and two more written and ready) and won the WriteNow2000 Competition at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

I’m nothing compared to my Dad who has 40+ published!

What changes would you like to see in 100 years time?

A world that has slowed down and allowed people to really appreciate it – one with less depression, less rushing, and more good news and bubbles!

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