ASSETS: Assisting Social Enterprises to Succeed 2024

ASSETS: Assisting Social Enterprises to Succeed
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Applications open on 13 February and close on 29 February.

Recruitment for the ASSETS programme kicks off on 13 February!

For the fourth consecutive year, we’re thrilled to invite social enterprises to be part of this transformative programme.

We are working with Impact Hub London on a business mentoring programme to support social or environmental impact-driven suppliers to improve readiness to scale up and successfully compete UK-wide.

This programme aligns with ‘the long term strategic commitment outlined in our social value strategy, ‘Creating Opportunities’, to ‘support five social enterprises to achieve national scale by 2025’.

2023 Cohort

Down to Earth

Down to Earth has worked with thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and adults and supported them to transform not only their own lives but also numerous community centres, and education centres.


e50K is a collective of ardent and committed military community members, striving to provide an active voice and platform.

The Vision for these isolated communities of family members, is to receive the right support so they can actively participate and enjoy a thriving local community, a career (should they wish to) and a happy home – just like everybody else.

Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC

Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC provide professional, specialised and efficient construction, clearance cleaning and gardening services.



Ethstat are a worker-owned cooperative that selects the most sustainable solutions from a supply chain with over 140 social enterprises and 300 plus for-purpose businesses in the UK.

The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill is a multi-award-winning social enterprise which provides employment opportunities for young people aged between sixteen and eighteen.

Urban Growth

Urban Growth

Through a commitment to creating green spaces, fostering connections, and leading educational workshops, Urban Growth strives to contribute to the transformation of London into a greener, healthier, and more sustainable city for all.



Viewpoint are specialists in customer satisfaction surveys, especially within the housing sector, with long term relationships with local authorities, housing associations and construction businesses.