HMP Norwich

A diverse fit-out in building that remain operational throughout  

In 2022, we worked at HMP Norwich on a strip out and refurbishment contract which saw us create a new 16-room on-site court complete with a video conferencing centre (VCC) as well as delivering preparatory work for 48 Rapid Deployment Cells (RDC) accommodation units with additional dining area, laundry room, staff office and mechanical and electrical plant room.

Our work at HMP Norwich forms part of a nationwide programme to fit-out and refurbish 12 probation offices and prisons on behalf of the MoJ, an investment to modernise the estates being used by the Probation Service in England and Wales.

Repurposed from a former on-site gym, the new court and VCC suite saw us strip out 385 sq m of space to create 16 court rooms with new audio-visual equipment to enhance virtual connectivity. We have also undertaken 2,926 sq m of groundworks and delivered mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure for the creation of new RDC accommodation at HMP Norwich.

High specification delivery

Ensuring we source the most suitable and innovative materials and technology goes hand-in-hand with ensuring value for money across all of our contracts, particularly those on behalf of the public sector.

At HMP Norwich, the new court was built to a high acoustic specification and the M&E equipment had strict noise levels that had to be achieved so as to not interfere with the sensitive VCC equipment.

Having delivered a number of VCC projects of a similar nature, we were able to apply expertise to ensuring correct sound levels were adhered to, ensuring effective operations for the 16 courtrooms and the new VCC equipment.

HMP Norwich

High security working

This kind of project calls for the utmost care and attention to ensure the wellbeing of our team, prison occupants and staff.

A full security strategy has formed a core part of the HMP Norwich contract with necessary security clearances undertaken, deliveries inspected and careful monitoring of our team’s wellbeing to minimise the impact of working in a high security facility.

We are grateful to have had such a privileged insight into the work undertaken by the MoJ at HMP Norwich and the team is proud to have contributed to such vital work that safeguards and supports the community.

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