Viega Megapress
Cold press connect thick-walled steel tube up to 4″ in seconds

Viega Megapress - One fire safe system for all applications.
Home Innovation Partners Viega Megapress – One fire safe system for all applications.

Viega Megapress is the piping press-connection technology specifically designed for use with thick-walled steel tube.

Megapress is the number 1 press technology for thick or thin-walled, painted or galvanised, coated or black steel pipes. Megapress is avalable for pressing steel pipes from sizes ⅜ to 2 inches.

The Megapress S XL range with the innovative Pressgun press booster means that the scope of application for cold press connecting technology now includes the sizes 2½, 3 and 4 inches for steel pipes.

Megapress has a clear advantage over common connection methods for thick-walled steel pipes. Although welding is a proven method still today, it always involves high-time expenditure, permanent fire risk, and strenuous physical effort, plus the measures required for fume extraction. This does not only render welding economically unattractive, carrying bulky gas cylinders and welding apparatus can be a back-breaking job. Threading and grooving techniques also require heavy equipment especially if the connection is located meters high or hard to reach locations.

Megapress connections can be made at point of install, using a cordless press gun in a one-person operation, in seconds. The design of the press-connection fitting leaves the pipework uncompromised, unlike the impacts made by welding (distortion/heat damage) or threading (cutting and reducing the width of the pipe wall).


  • Guaranteed savings
  • Megapress is up to 80% faster to install when compared with welding.
  • Time saving of up to 80 % in comparison with welded connections
  • One connector for many different types of pipe
  • Lasting connections made in seconds
  • Improve compliance
  • No welding, no fire watch, no cooling process
  • Less physical exertion as no welding equipment is needed
  • Perfect for renovations and maintenance
  • Viega SC-Contour in all Megapress connectors

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