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EcoDuct Revolutionary Ductwork System

Ecoduct is an innovative, high-performance non-metallic pre-insulated HVAC ductwork system that saves energy, cuts costs and time, reduces environmental impact and delivers clean, uncontaminated air.

EcoDuct is the only UK developed and manufactured pre-insulated ductwork system that offers all shapes and sizes, including circular, flat oval and rectangular, and colour finishes, as well as accessories such as FCU plenums and grille boxes.

In an industry in which rigorous new standards and higher consumer demands are emerging, EcoDuct offers unrivalled energy efficiency, environmental and sustainability credentials with meaningful energy savings and a reduction of the carbon footprint (CO2) of every building in which it is installed. EcoDuct is fully compliant with the major international building assessment programmes, including BREEAM, LEED and The International WELL Standard.

Fabricated from high quality phenolic insulation, which offers many advantages over traditional metal ductwork and insulation, it is lightweight yet extremely robust, offering optimal airflow and thermal performance, while generating meaningful installation cost and time savings.

EcoDuct offers design and technical benefits to every Construction and HVAC industry stakeholder the architects, the specifying and design M&E engineers, the QS or cost consultants, the sustainability consultants, the M&E contractors, the HVAC contractors, the facilities managers, the property developers and the building owners or estate managers.

The benefit to building users is cleaner, uncontaminated air and enhanced health and wellness increasing importance as awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) becomes a major factor in corporate, social, and political strategic thinking in today’s construction industry.

EcoDuct is suitable for all indoor and outdoor insulated ductwork applications, including new buildings, retrofits, and modular construction.


  • Up to 85% lighter than insulated metal ductwork
  • Up to 70% savings in installation time a single fit of ductwork, insulation and final cover
  • Saves up to 45% of the energy costs of AC systems
  • Saves up to 75% in the embodied carbon (CO2) of the installation
  • Cost savings that result in NO net-zero premium

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