Wates Smartspace secures a place on prestigious Gatwick Airport Framework | Wates

Wates has secured a position on both the Low and Medium building lots for projects ranging from £1m to £10m, in addition to the Medium Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) lot, for projects ranging from £2m to £10m.

This will enable Wates Smartspace to bid for contracts against a spend profile of circa £80m per annum. Each lot includes five contractors, with Wates one of only two contractors to span three.

Wates Smartspace bid for a place on the Framework alongside 302 other companies, successfully moving through two major gateways over a period of nine months, where the competition was reduced to 128 and then to 34 contractors. The final Framework comprises 17 contractors across six lots.

Steve Spilsbury, Business Director, Wates Smartspace, commented:

“We are tremendously proud to be considered a trusted framework partner of Gatwick Airport Limited. To be selected from a starting point of 302 other companies and awarded a place on three lots is testament to the dedication, hard work and perseverance that the whole Smartspace team has put in over the last nine months.”

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