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With sustainability continuing to be a key priority for the housing sector, leading social housing maintenance provider, Wates Living Space, has proved its commitment to supporting the environment by inviting sustainable technology suppliers to pitch, Green Dragons Den-style.

Hosted in London, the pitches were judged by Wates Living Space customers including Hackney Council, North Hertfordshire Homes and Town and Country Housing Group, who were presented with four innovative sustainable technologies that provide solutions to their key energy saving challenges.

Sustainable technologies included an energy-saving central heating additive, a water conditioning pipe, a wireless system to monitor the environmental performance of buildings and an energy saving tap adaptor.

Judges gave each sustainable technology that pitched a score, based on relevance to their organisation and its ability to face their specific sustainability challenges. Technologies receiving the highest scores, will now work with Wates and their selected suppliers to set up pilot projects.

The event was hosted in collaboration with Wates Sustainable Technology Services, Wates internal sustainable technology brokerage, which supports customers and partners in identifying, selecting and implementing cost-effective sustainable technologies to help them reach their sustainability goals.

Technologies that are part of the Wates Sustainable Technologies Marketplace aim to lower carbon emissions, improve building performance and reduce running costs.

David Morgan, Managing Director of Wates Living Space, said:

“Sustainability is vital to the housing sector and we believe the focus should be much broader than just the way that houses are built, maintained and adapted. Its also about how our operations can help to support the environment around us.
Wates Sustainable Technology Services offers a fantastic database of innovative suppliers that can transform homes and help social landlords and their tenants to save costs in the long term, while supporting the environment.
We are delighted with the success of this event and look forward to continuing our work with these clients to support them in achieving more sustainable properties.”

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