Wates responds to Government Housing Retrofit Programme and calls for nationwide plan of improvement | Wates

Leading provider of maintenance for the social housing sector, Wates Living Space, has responded to the Government’s latest announcement of additional funding for carbon retrofitting of social housing, calling for a nationwide plan of improvement.

Wates Living Space strategy director, Steve Jackson said:

“The Government’s commitment to improve 50,000 homes in the social housing sector with £562m of additional funding for carbon retrofitting works, is a positive step towards decarbonisation and creating environmentally friendly and healthy homes.

“However, although welcome, this funding does not go far enough in supporting social housing providers to meet the very ambitious carbon reduction targets set by the Government. By 2030, over five million homes in the social housing sector will need to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C and above; all homes will need be net-zero carbon by 2050.

“It will take a combined, concerted effort from government, social housing landlords and contractors to meet these targets, and the sector will need to innovate to make real impact. We believe the energy efficiency of all social housing needs to be addressed by government, alongside a national plan of improvement focused on those properties most in need.

“The retrofit assessments taking place now across the country are going to be key to helping housing providers shape their future asset management strategies and plan for the improvement of their housing stock. It’s something we at Wates are actively engaged in and are working with a number of Local Authorities to help them meet the zero carbon ambitions in housing.

Zero Carbon - Retrofitting Service Brochure

Creating a path to zero carbon homes


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