Wates projects recognised for excellence at the CCS Awards | Wates

25 sites across the Wates Group have been recognised for exceptional standards of consideration for their local communities, environment and workforce.

The annual Considerate Constructors Schemes (CCS) National Site Awards recognise projects and sites that have raised the bar for considerate construction. Since 1998, The National Site Awards have judged nominated sites against CCS Code of Considerate Practice and ranked by presenting Bronze, Silver or Gold awards. This year from over 6,500 eligible sites, 746 were recognised with awards.

Wates projects awarded Gold

In the 2019 ceremonies CCS awarded Gold awards to five Wates sites, out of the 158 sites awarded Gold across the country. Gold awarded projects from the Wates Group were:

Boldrewood Camps Building 178 - Living Space CCS Gold Award Derby Market Hall - Living Space CCS Gold Award Wembley NW 07&08 - Living Space CCS Gold Award Sheffield City Council Aids and Adapts - Living Space CCS Gold AwardWolverhampton Strategic Construction Partnership - Living Space CCS Gold Award

Wates projects awarded Silver

Quadram Institute (Wates Construction)
3 Glass Wharf (Wates Construction)
Anthology Hoxton Press (Wates Construction )
Poplar Farm Primary School (Wates Construction)
Campus Whitehaven (Wates Construction)
Dyson (Wates Construction)
North West Cambridge Development Lot 2 (Wates Construction)
Stonebridge Park Estate (Wates Living Space)
Hackney Framework – Lincoln Court (Wates Living Space)
Stonebrook (Wates Residential)

Wates projects awarded Bronze

Left Bank Development Tower 1 & 2 (Wates Construction)
The Farmiloe Building (Wates Construction)
Milldane Phase 2 (Wates Construction)
Westbury School (Wates Construction Group)
Signature Care Home Bushey (Wates Construction)
Palace of Westminster – Life Safety Works (Wates Construction)
Ben Street Regeneration (Wates Living Space)
Abbey Area Phase 1 (Wates Residential)
Wythenshawe Forum MAES/DWP (Wates Smartspace)
M&S Broadstone (Wates Smartspace)

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