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When it comes to our work in fire safety and compliance, our expert knowledge is crucial. We know that investments in fire safety and compliance must be fulfilled with maximum value for money and with the utmost duty of care. While this is true for the buildings themselves, our duty of care also extends to our neighbours. Fire safety is a concern to all, but of most concern to residents and this is why, through our work in compliance and fire safety, we place residents at the heart of everything we do.

In 2018, Wates Living Space was appointed to deliver a number of vital compliance and fire safety projects on behalf of Hackney Council, work that was commissioned to enhance current fire safety measures across the council’s estate following consultation with the London Fire Brigade.

Our fire safety and compliance work on behalf of Hackney Council includes:

  • Lincoln Court, where external works included fire-stopping, external wall insulation (EWI) removal and reinstallation and overhauling windows for 198 properties across three 14-storey tower blocks;
  • Queensbridge Road, including the installation of a full zonal system sprinkler for 114 properties within a 19-storey tower;
  • Hugh Gaitskell House, a ten-storey tower where the team removed and reinstalled EWI;
  • Fellows Court, where the team replaced 188 fire doors and removed internal cladding to all floors;
  • Seaton Point, with 78 fire doors replaced.

Applying Expert Knowledge & Partnership Working

We understand that investments in fire safety and compliance are above all things a matter of trust and a confidence that recommendations and materials used will ensure safety. Working on behalf of Hackney Council, Wates Living Space sourced a variety of EWI, fire door and sprinkler solutions, all of which were selected in close consultation with Hackney Council and the London Fire Brigade.

At Lincoln Court, this included the replacement of existing cladding with a thicker, double meshed cement-based render coat and over 110mm of mineral wool with high fire resistant properties. Materials were stuck and mechanically fixed directly to the wall to eliminate voids and ensure the prevention of fire spread.

Wates Living Space Case Study: Hackney

The nature of compliance and fire safety work requires prompt project delivery at a time when due diligence is of paramount importance. Working within restricted hours and with adaptations to programmes, the team navigated many challenges with ease and professionalism. The team sourced solutions efficiently, liaising with our supply chain partners to bring on board specialist subcontractors, which worked with the team to devise a full trade quality plan supported by a full inspection and testing plan in conjunction with London Fire Brigade.

Delivering Socio-economic Value Through Vital Work

No matter the contract, our teams are dedicated to ensuring that our work benefits those around us. Through our work with Hackney Council we have engaged with the wider community in a variety of positive ways, each designed to support and inspire. These included work experience opportunities for local people, Women in Business careers talks and our industry leading two-week Building Futures training programme, designed to give local job-seekers a route into a career in construction.

The team also joined forces with our supply chain partner, Herts Heritage, to donate £2000 towards an upgraded Multi-Use Games Area to aid the council in its drive to support young people.

We also held a number of Meet the Buyer events in Hackney, connecting local small to medium businesses not only to the Wates Living Space team but a range of diverse buyers, including council supply managers and recruiters. The team also took part in Hackney Council’s Sustainability Day, giving attendees the chance to talk to local businesses about ways to live a more energy efficient and sustainable lifestyle.

Respecting our Neighbours

 Delivering fire safety and compliance work in residential buildings requires meticulous planning in the phasing of our work and management of project delivery to ensure that we cause minimal disruption to residents while keeping them, the general public and ourselves safe.

Due to the nature of our work, our teams make every effort to be considerate to residents and this was especially the case for work on behalf of Hackney Council. Our dedicated Resident Liaison Officer worked closely with residents to guide them through the works, listen to their concerns and reassure them.  Activities included open days, working one-to-one with elderly and vulnerable residents and the creation of respite units for residents’ use.

Surrounded by Woodbury Wetlands Nature Reserve, Lincoln Court required the team to pay particular attention to health and safety, using debris netting on scaffolding to protect the birds and fish in the wetlands during EWI removal. Neighboured by a local nursery, the team also downed tools during school run drop-off and pick-up times, while also working with the nursery on various activities, including health and safety education and displaying children’s art-work in the buildings’ communal areas.

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