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Providing tailored hub and spoke facilities management solutions

7 years
Project duration
Service uptime
On-call breakdown facility
TNT sites nationwide

Wates FM provides structured planned and preventative facilities management services for international logistics company TNT, a business that requires 100% uptime without fail across over 117 sites nationwide.

TNT employs 9,500 staff across the UK and Ireland and provides a worldwide courier and delivery service for its customers around the clock. To ensure that it retains its reputation as one of the fastest and most reliable logistics providers in its field, Wates services and maintains the companys critical infrastructure to the highest standards.

The maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems, statutory compliance checks and the provision of a 24/7 on-call breakdown facility. Wates also keeps the clients critical office infrastructure running in the Midlands.

TNT has a complex delivery network supported by sophisticated technology infrastructure that offers real-time information on each delivery. This allows the business to compete as a leading player in a dynamic and demanding sector.

Supporting this network, Wates FM delivers a tailored hub and spoke facilities management solutions, linking resident engineers with a mobile support network as part of an expertly balanced combination of quality, flexibility and guaranteed asset availability.

The outcome

Wates FM adopts a transparent best practice approach to open book accounting with TNT, preparing a comprehensive work-up of service costs for periodic audit by the clients management team. This delivers cost certainty and drives efficiency savings.

"We greatly appreciated Wates FM's different approach. Having so many locations throughout the UK, their forwardthinking solutions proved the best option."
Simon Harper
Express Director of Operations, TNT

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