Standard Chartered Bank and Propelair | Wates

Wates Sustainable Technology Services (WSTS) worked with Wates FM to introduce international financial services giant, Standard Chartered Bank to Propelair, a UK based cleantech company specialising in energy and water saving toilets.

After a trial of the Propelair smart toilets, Standard Chartered had 121 units installed at their London head office.

Nearly three years since the toilets have been installed, Standard Chartered has seen around 81% reduction in water usage compared to standard models. This has resulted in a saving of over 14 million litres of water and annual water bill savings of around £30k.

Unlike conventional toilets which can disperse water particles into the air after they are flushed, Propelair units remove all waste with one flush, using less water, reducing the spread of germs by 95% and removing 99.9% of waterborne contaminants.

The installation has also meant a substantial reduction in the building’s carbon footprint, equivalent to an annual reduction in CO2 of 14,798 kg.

As of the end of 2020 the full cost of the units and install has been recuperated through the savings demonstrated by the system with ROI of 3.1years.


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