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Wates has been working with Royal Mail for over 10 years, delivering more than £100m of work for this key customer across the UK.

10 years
Project duration
Parcelforce Distribution centres refurbished
Royal Mail

In 2014, faced with challenges emerging from the privatisation process and the need to become more efficient, Royal Mail selected Wates Smartspace as the sole provider of its Northern Infrastructure Strategy to upgrade and modernise the business nationwide mail centre network. To date, Wates Smartspace has delivered four major mail centre improvement projects at Aberdeen, Tyneside, Birmingham and Chelmsford in support of this strategy, in addition to the completion of a 19,300ft² single-storey delivery office in Blackpool.

Upgrade and Expansion Projects

Wates Smartspace has also delivered 18 upgrade and expansion projects across the network of distribution centres operated by Royal Mails Parcelforce business. Where previous provision for parcel distribution had been working at full capacity, now each upgraded site has modern facilities that allow faster, more effective delivery for Royal Mails customers and enable Parcelforce to handle 30% more packages a year, removing the need to hire additional premises at peak times.

The outcome

Smartspace continues to deliver an agile and flexible service for Royal Mail, completing a range of property services outside of its more traditional work-stream of refurbishment and upgrade works. As a result, we continue to have a strong collaborative relationship with this long-term customer, often playing an instrumental decision-making and consultancy role in the overall construction delivery and procurement strategy.

"Wates delivery of our distribution centres has been an unqualified success: the procurement and construction times were much quicker than a standard approach and the fit-out costs were below Royal Mails standard benchmark costs. In addition, everything was delivered to time, enabling the business benefits to be realised as planned."
Jon Howard
Programme Manager, Parcelforce Worldwide and Royal Mail International

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