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Wates FM is a leader in providing soft and hard facilities management services to our clients across the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, including in the provision of specialist deep cleaning.

The need for effective deep cleaning of workplaces and public spaces has never been more essential and during the coronavirus pandemic, and with the prospect of an end to the lockdown on the horizon, Wates FM has been providing specialist deep cleaning services to ensure premises are safe and free of viruses.

  • Prevention from contaminants lasts for 30 days – longer than conventional cleaning methods
  • Safe and efficient with minimal disruption
  • 360-degree coverage of all surfaces
  • Service includes full assessment by specialist cleaners wearing full PPE
  • No heavy or bulky equipment required cleaners use mobile backpacks and spray gun
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Costs are based on building square footage and a deep clean will typically take a few hours depending on the size and once applied.

Our specialist deep cleaning teams can be deployed anywhere in the UK within 24 hours and in emergencies within four hours.

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We use environmentally friendly products and electrostatic disinfectant.

As well as being highly effective decontaminants, the chemicals deployed leave no residue, removing the need to wipe surfaces afterwards.

As Covid-19 is a novel Coronavirus, there is currently no solution which has been independently verified to eradicate the virus entirely, however, as an ‘enveloped’ virus, it shares similar characteristics with other enveloped viruses, such as SARS, on which our solutions are 99.99% proven in 280 bacteriological and biological, tests.

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Highly effective

As part of our approach to deep cleaning we use electrostatic solutions, where an electrical charge is added  to liquid droplets when they are sprayed.

This process ensures that when sprayed, the solution will entirely coat the targeted object with an even coating, sticking to even hidden areas, leaving no runs or drips on vertical surfaces, and delivering rapid and effective disinfection to all surfaces and areas.

It continues working for 48 hours after initial deployment and lasts up to 30 days, is fragrance and chlorine free, and degrades into safe by-products after use (water and oxygen).

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Wates Facilities Management - Eliminating viruses with electrostatic deep cleaning

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