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Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our number one priority

We care about the safety and welfare of our people.

Wates family shareholders, our board of directors, and the executive committee, have signed up to a long-term strategy that aims to achieve a Zero Harm culture throughout Wates by 2020.

Our commitment is steadfast.

Our future success in growing our business relies on delivering quality projects, on time, on budget and above all, safely.

Safety is, and always will be, our number one priority; the safety and welfare of our people can never be taken for granted.

Everyone, regardless of job role, has an important part to play in executing our Zero Harm strategy; and we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of our colleagues, our site operatives, and of the people within the communities in which we work.

By working together, looking out for one another and having the confidence to challenge behaviours, acting when we feel something doesn’t look or feel safe, we will achieve Zero Harm.


Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing of our people is extremely important to us. We are committed to keeping people healthy, motivated and engaged at work. We truly believe that a healthy workplace has a positive impact on the personal wellbeing of our people, their safety and their productivity.

We aim to ensure that no one suffers any harm to their health whilst at work.

Our focus is on:

  • Preventing ill health and disease by making our workplace and work activities healthier. People should not be exposed to any substances or tasks during their working day that could affect their health. Our processes focus on removing such risks.
  • Keeping our people healthy and monitoring them to ensure any health conditions that they already have are not made worse by their work. Where people are absent from work, we will help them return as quickly as possible and in a safe manner, and able to remain in work by managing any individual health issues.
  • Promoting improvements and lifestyle changes that support people both physically and mentally at work and at home. We provide our people with access to a range of benefits to support them and help them to maintain a happy and balanced work life.

Mental Health

As well as focussing on occupational health & safety, Wates Group has pledged to support ‘Time To Change‘ – a major campaign to raise awareness of mental health and remove the stigma about talking about mental health issues. This is a serious issue with cases of mental health within the construction industry rising at an alarming rate, particularly among men.

In line with this  pledge we have created resources to help our people find out more, as well as a dedicated email address, phone number and regular communications encouraging people to come forward and talk if they feel the need.

We support time to talk and work with a number of mental health organisations to improve the mental well being of our employees.

"Everyone has a vital role to play in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of one another."

John Dunne, Group Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Director

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