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Our framework for a sustainable future

Helping our customers create better buildings while leaving a positive legacy

The launch of the World Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 and the Climate Change Summit in 2015, have given a renewed focus on how businesses can work together to tackle some of the global, national and local challenges which exist.

Wates’ approach to sustainability is delivered through our award-winning programme,  ‘Reshaping Tomorrow’.

It focuses on the issues important to our business, customers, supply chain and wider stakeholders:

  • ensuring everyone’s health and safety
  • having a positive impact on the environment
  • investing in the local communities where we work
  • promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and
  • delivering efficient and sustainable buildings for the future

Reshaping Tomorrow builds upon our vision of being a trusted partner and our core values of performance, intelligence, teamwork, integrity and, in particular, respect for people and communities.

We focus on the key environmental and social issues, collaborating with our peers to make a real difference to the built environment. These include energy efficiency and carbon; waste; sourcing products and services in a responsible and ethical way; water efficiency and being good neighbours.

Supporting Social Enterprise

A key part of our approach is our relationship with Social Enterprises  (SEs). SEs are organisations that using their commercial activities to maximise social value to communities.

Wates is committed to supporting SEs and in 2016 we spent over £2million with the sector with nearly three quarters of all our construction sites using a social enterprise.

We have around 200 SEs in our supply chain. Click here to learn more

Raising the aspirations of young people

Through our community investment activities we aim to raise the aspirations of young people, creating local employment and training opportunities for those facing barriers to work. By integrating these principles throughout our projects, we can deliver more sustainable buildings for our customers and help to shape the communities around them.


Our roadmap underpinned by targets and metrics.

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Our support for Social Enterprises

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