Behaviours: We look for a better way

Charles Wates, Director
Charles Wates Director
Behaviours: We look for a better way
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For 122 years the Wates family and the business have successfully adapted to the business environment in which we operate.

Our markets, the technologies we use, the people we employ, and the environment in which we work are all constantly evolving; and as such so must we evolve. I believe we do this through a relentless drive to look for a better way.

Around Wates I see fantastic examples of where we look for a better way. I have been impressed by the growing adoption of Building Information Model (BIM) and field tools across the business. Evidence shows that we are more efficient, deliver a better-quality product and do so more safely as a result of their use.

For me, striving to look for a better way has been the key to our successes in the past, and more importantly, it will be essential to our success in the future.  Being inquisitive, entrepreneurial and excited about new ideas and technologies is so energising. Wouldn’t life be dull if nothing ever evolved or you could never push the boundaries of your personal performance to achieve your aspirations?

Watch the video below to learn what ‘WE LOOK FOR A BETTER WAY’ means to us.